Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My little Doc McStuffins

It's no secret- Reagan loves Doc McStuffins. I mean LOVES Doc McStuffins. She is obsessed.
 So this morning when she picked out her outfit, I figured you only live once.

I know there will come a day that she worries about what other people think but I want her to always know she can be whoever she wants to be, march to the beat of her own drum- she'll always be my little girl and I'll always love and support her. 

 How could you not love this face?

 For now, the Doc is IN!

The Greatest Show on Earth

The Circus came to Knoxville! We took in the Thursday night show with some friends and the kids had a blast. It was a 7pm show (M&R's usual bedtime) so I was a little worried how it would go, but they did awesome. We made it downtown by 6 so we could see the pre-show and let Reagan get warmed up to everything, and I'm glad we did. The pre-show was awesome. We got to see the elephants up close, Reagan tried on a costume and both of them walked the high (low) wire. We finished up around 9 pm and before we could get on the interstate, both kids were out. They slept in a bit the next morning, but they haven't stopped talking about it since.

The elephants were beautiful. 

Reagan was in heaven. I think she would have stared at them all night.

The knife throwing practicing during the pre-show.

The happiest place on earth for me, is with these three!

Mason trying out his balancing skills.

Reagan, oh course, picked a pink and purple costume to try on.

She loved the wire- just wasn't too sure about the stranger helping her.

Mason and his buddy, Wyatt.

We picked up glow stick wands before the circus and the kids were in heaven!

All four kids. Reagan kept saying "I'm smiling!" bit scary, but glad she had fun!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Entering Boy World

So up until this point, I feel like we have been living in preschool/toddlerish world. Mason still loved Disney Junior- Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Octonauts, Handy Manny. But lately he has been showing more and more signs that he isn't really a little kid anymore, he's a boy. Yes he's always loved Cars, plays in mud, jumps off of everything but he hadn't gotten into action heroes, ninja's, all the things I know nothing about growing up in a house full of girls. And while it's different, I'm learning all new names, learning how to play rescue bots, and learning that my little guy is growing up. Here's to Optimus Prime and keeping the rescue bots secret safe on Griffin Rock.
Rescue mode.
 vehicle mode.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Garage Play

We finally ordered a new dining room table and it came early! I am so excited and can't wait to show it off, but I need to finish the room first- curtains and light fixture left. In the mean time, Mason and Reagan have been enjoying the huge boxes that came with the table. It's been really really cold so we left the boxes in the garage and moved my car outside. It's nice to have an extra play area and besides the secret hideout and train the boxes have become, the garage is also home to our very own bike derby. The kids have been riding circles for the last two days. Better than hanging out inside, right?

Mason created a train- I am pretty impressed. 
Steve gave him some supplies but he came up with the design. 

 Then we added a wheel and headlight.

Reagan riding around and around and around the garage.

Reagan face planted at church today. Ugghh. Her poor chin is bright red with scratches. 
Please overlook the brownie chin.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Day{s}

Happy Valentine's Day! Mason and Reagan had their Valentine's parties yesterday, so I feel like we have celebrated for two full days. I let the kids choose this year what they wanted to give their friends and Mason went with the glow sticks. I was very proud, he wrote his name on every one of them. It took us a while, but he got it!

Reagan ultimately decided to go with the silly straw. 
 She was so excited to hand out silly Valentine's to her class. Every time she said "silly straw" she laughed. Silly girl.

And the come home from the parties, full of sugar and ready to share some surprises with us. 
Mason was very proud of the gift he made. 

Reagan made something for us too; a bookmark. 

And she was very proud of the card she made.

This morning when they woke up, they had a nice surprise waiting on the kitchen table. 
They both loved getting new puzzles and it kept them busy all morning.

I couldn't get Reagan to pose with her present, so here's a nice collage of both of them .

I tried to think of something special for Steve. He's hard to shop for, but I have been working on decorating the house and I have wanted to get some pieces for our room. So I thought why not make one? I got the idea from pinterest and decided to use some of my favorite lyrics. BUT in true Mary fashion, I mixed up the words. No offence Lumineers, I love your song, but I think my lyrics are pretty damn good too. 
Plus it's completely me. 
Happy Love Day!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reagan and her buddies

Reagan loves her "friends." She sleeps with them...all, and every morning she brings each.and.every.one downstairs when she comes.  I love it.  It makes coming down the stairs slow, because she insists on carrying them all. But she truly loves them. She makes them food, sits them up to watch shows with her and every night after I read to her, she reads to them. (after that she separates the boys and girls before she lays down between the two). If one falls on the ground or she accidentally steps on it- she immediately picks it up, gives it a kiss and then a check up.

Ahh Reagan... what am I going to do with you sweet girl?

Reagan holding, Sofia, Chilly, Stuffy, Lambie, Hallie, Doc, Bear and Cat. whew. I got'em all!

Reagan and her latest addition. Sofia!

This is her pillow BEFORE she gets in bed.

And this is her in bed with her buddies.
Sleep tight, my sweet baboo.