Wednesday, May 29, 2013

the rock

Driving home to Winchester, we drive past this giant rock inside the gates of Sewanee, and I am sad to say we have never stopped. In the 33 years I have been alive, I have passed the rock at least a million times :) and never stopped. I am usually in a hurry, someone is asleep, we don't have time, it's bad weather, the excuses are endless but the rock boasts an amazing view of the valley below. A valley that holds so many wonderful memories for me. So this past weekend- on our way home, we made time and stopped. And I am so glad we did. Might have to make it an annual thing :)

Climbing the steps to the top. 
 I couldn't get the whole rock in the picture without getting in the street.
 They loved it-although thankfully they didn't want to get too close.
 Ahhh the view!
 Remembering to make time and enjoy the small things.

last day of school

It's been a week since school got out. I can't believe it's over. I have to admit, I got a little sad saying goodbye to the kids' teachers this year. They were wonderful and they helped nurture them both so much. Mason is so curious about the world and Mrs. Newman fed that desire to learn and Reagan struggled with seperation but Mrs. Marlena and Mrs. SoYoung encouraged her to play and say goodbye knowing I would come back. Seriously, thank you all so much. I couldn't have asked for anyone better.

I can't believe this was his last day of pre-school. We now have a kindergartener.

Oh sweet thing. You came so far this year. 
Last two weeks-she finally wasn't sad when I left.
 Mason and Mrs. Newman
 Reagan and Mrs. SoYoung
 Reagan and Mrs. Marlena (her friend)
 Last day of school vs. first day. They have grown up so much.

 And because I am sentimental- here is Mason on his first day of MDO at Faith in Jan. 2011 and him now. I can't believe how fast it has gone by. Faith ELC has been a blessing since we started that first day and although I know Reagan still has time there it was hard to say goodbye to Mason's time. 
Here's to Kindergarten!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Last T-Ball game

Tonight was our last t-ball game. It has been a great season and the guys have really improved. We mentioned if he played in the fall he would be in coach pitch and he said, "coach pitch? let's start practicing tomorrow!"
Mason with Coach Dan and Coach Brian
She would not let go of the bat.or flowers.

Reagan spent most of the games, playing the rocks or picking flowers off the hill. 
She made me a little bouquet today and was so proud.

 She loves sniffing her flowers!
 Can't wait for fall ball!

Birthday weekend

We had a busy weekend filled with birthday parties. Friday afternoon, our sweet friend Amelia turned 2 and had a princess party. The girls were given cute dresses to wear with crowns. The boys got foam swords although most were overtaken by the girls! ha. We love Miss Amelia and were happy to celebrate with her!

The birthday girl.
 Our little princess.
 Sweet Lucy!
 Reagan had a blast in the bounce house.
 Molly girl.
 And the swords come out!
 Mason enjoyed hanging with the ladies for a bit at the watertable!

And then Saturday- it rained. a.lot...
William was turning 3 and he did not let the bad weather damper his day! We brought towels and the kids played outside in the rain. 
The birthday boy!
 The boys being boys!

Mason would run across the yard to jump into the bounce house.
 He had a blast!
 Some of the kiddos after the rain!
 Even though it wasn't raining- Reagan wouldn't let go of my umbrella. 
Shout out to my Scottie friends!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day Tea

Mason's class held a Mother's Day Tea last week and it had to be- hands down- the best Mother's Day present. They had worked on their manners; when we arrived, they greeted us, brought us to our chairs, pulled them out and asked us to sit. They served us cake and lemonade, then got their own, and then we were serenaded by some very sweet songs. He was so proud of himself and did a great job keeping everything a secret until that day. I knew Reagan would be welcome to come with  me, but I wanted to have some one on one time with Mase- it doesn't happen often so Steve and Reagan went on a daddy-daughter date to Newks. Reagan had a blast with dad and I couldn't have asked for a better day with my big guy!

Mother's day present (there is a flower behind his picture)
 Mase & Mom

Though she be little, she be fierce

I am little behind in blogging. These are a little old, but I couldn't resist but to post. 
My sweet little bumble bee.