Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Recap

What a great last couple of days it has been!

On Friday, Mason and I met one of his buddies at Kids Quest Museum in Factoria. He was a bit nervous to venture far from me at first but once he got comfortable he was gone! They had an alligator walker that he kept eyeing and once he realized I wasn't going to leave him, he took off for it and pushed that sucker everywhere! He just kept laughing and laughing. It melted my heart! I hope Steve can come with us sometime, but I know the weekends are probably more crowded so I may see if he can take a day to just hang with us. The Museum is divided into different sections, like "garage," "backyard," "treehouse," and then a water area. We mostly stayed in the backyard since it was geared more for his age but I can't wait to go back and see what else he enjoys there.

Then on Saturday, Steve, Mason and I, went to Snoqualmie for Railroad days. The main reason I wanted to go was to watch Mason watch the parade. He LOVES to people watch and I knew the parade would be a hit! I was right, he loved seeing the horses, waving at the people, watching the cars, but NOT the horn on the Mack truck. They blew it right in front of us and it scared Mase to death. Luckily, it was at the end of the parade so we just went ahead and left that part. We also got to hear kids bands, eat fair food, and ride on the speed car (which is this little yellow train that just goes up and back about a block.) We wanted to ride the train, but it was a 70 minute ride round trip. With a 13 month old, no thank you. After that we walked around some more until we could tell Mase had had enough. We literally put him in the car and he fell asleep. It was a great day to spend as a family and it made me very thankful we have a little fella to share these little moments with. I know so many people who struggle with infertility and I didn't, so I don't know how it feels, but I know what they are longing for and I pray that one day, their prayers are answered.

Mason and Steve waiting for the parade to start. We were lucky to find prime standing position to watch the show!

Mason sneaking a peak at Steve while we wait for the next float!

The fire department gave Mason a fire helmet and a junior fire chief sticker, which he wore proudly!

Mason and I on the speed car getting ready to leave for our ride!

Sunday was pretty low key, we ran errands and caught up from the week on house work. It is beginning to feel like fall. I keep hoping it won't happen, as much as I love fall, I don't like the rain and gray and being kept indoors so we will enjoy these last summer moments as much as we can!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My little waver

We have been working with Mason for what seems like forever on waving. Every day we "wave" goodbye to dad as he leaves for work, but Mason wasn't doing it on his own. (I would make his hand wave) Then on Sunday, he miraculously started waving! All by himself. I was so proud. I know it seems like such a small thing, but with a 13 month old all small things seem big. Later that afternoon we went to a wedding and my sweet little boy waved at every table (even when they weren't looking) I tried to snap a picture of him mid wave, but he wasn't having it. It was cute though to watch him wave and wave and wave just waiting for someone to see him. He also learned to signal come here. (sort of a backwards wave) He is PUMPED that now he can tell us to come here- he has responded to us doing it for awhile. You can totally see the wheels turning in his head and I love watching him realize he can communicate with us as well. I love this stage- of course I have loved every stage, but it is fun to see him becoming more independent and wanting to try things on his own. He still needs his mom on occasion and when you pick him up and he just snuggles into your arms- my heart just melts and I just hold him. I know those days won't last forever, so I cherish them as much as I can.

here is mason and steve at the wedding- before the ceremony began. When mason looks serious I think he looks like a little turtle. Again, makes my heart melt!