Friday, July 31, 2009

Week of Heat

So for those of you who don't know, the Pacific Northwest has had record heat this week. A lovely 105 degrees on Wednesday, and mid to high 90'sthe rest of the week. You might think a girl from the south could handle this but let me remind you- only 15% of the population in Seattle have AC. We are unfortunately not part of that 15%. So, Mason and I have spent the week trying to keep cool. We hung out at the mall, played in the kiddie pool in the backyard, and hid out in the house. On top of the heat, I had food poisoning on Monday- great timing- I know it. But I am back to the land of the living and it seems to be cooling down, so I think we will survive. That's about all for us and this cool Friday :) (it's nice to be able to say that!)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Mason

So it's official. Mason is 1. I can't believe how fast this year has gone and how different my perspective on life, parenting, and love have changed in just one year. We had a great day today. During our vacation to Tennessee, we had Mason's birthday party, so we decided today to host a playdate in the park and invite some friends to just come hang with us. It was an amazing day. I looked out on my mom friends and realized that without Mason, I wouldn't know any of these wonderful women! We have gotten each other through some rough patches and I always appreciate knowing I am not the only "blank" is happening to! (Insert lack of sleep, rolling over during diaper changes, standing up to sleep, or countless other things that just pop up in the "blank!")
I was also very happy Steve was able to pop over to the park to celebrate with us! I feel so blessed that he is so involved in Mason's life and that he wants to be there for all the little things as well as the bigger things!
It was HOT today in Seattle. So hot, that the icing on the cupcakes melted more rapidly than I could have ever imagine. Mason enjoyed putting his hands in the cupcake and smearing it anywhere he could! He was a lot more messy today than he was when he was in Tennessee. (Plus he destroyed my outfit!)

Since Steve and a couple other dad's were able to make it, we took the opportunity to have a group picture taken of us! It's hard to get everyone together and looking the same direction but we did our best. Erika had already left and Paige hadn't made it yet but for the most part these were Mason's party guests!
Thank you for all your love and support this year. Mason, mommy and daddy love you and can't wait to see what adventures our future holds!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

11 months... a year is around the corner!

Today is a great day for the Marlowe family! First, it is Steve's first fathers day, Mason is 11 months old, and I am 29- my last year in the 20's! We are having a pretty low key day, preparing for our trip to TN and just enjoying each other!
I can't believe Mason is 11 months old! For those of you who we will see in the next two weeks- he is no longer a baby. He is a little boy- get ready! I held him yesterday and it was the first time I realized he is really growing up. He has his own little personality, and his little body is getting longer and making him look like a little guy. It is amazing how fast these past 11 months have gone. As you saw from the video I sent a couple weeks back- June has been a cruising month for us! Mason is everywhere- he crawls all around, follows you if you leave the room, attempts to climb stairs, stands in his crib ( more than he sleeps in it these days) and babbles all day long. He LOVES to say "dad" and has also said "hi" and "dog". Steve works on "mommy" all the time, but I typically only hear it when he is hurt, overtirred, etc. That's okay though- I know he will say it in his time. Mason is still doing really well eating solids. He has pretty much given up purees (except applesauce) He LOVES cheese, yogurt, and all fruit. This past week he tried red peppers and brusselsprouts and he liked them both! We are trying to expose him to as many fruits and veggies as we can while he is still young and developing his tastebuds. It is nice that now when we cook Mason can pretty much eat everything we do and it encourages us to try to new things. We still haven't cooked swiss chard but it is on my list to try so if anyone has a great reciepe please sahre. We have so many farmers markets that have such neat things I feel like while we have access to them we might as well try them. We have enjoyed the past 29 days of NO RAIN (a seattle record) and Mason and I spend as much time outside as we can. We go for long walks with other mom friends and swing in the yard to soak up the sun!
I have a request if you are interested in helping- for Mason's birthday I am going to make a photobook from his first year and I wanted to include wishes from everyone. So if you want to send Mason a wish, please email it to me. As an example, some wishes I have for Mason are that he leaves the world a better place, that he finds the good in everyone he meets, and that he finds love and happiness in life. They can be anything but I thought it would be neat to include them from friends and family as well. I know he won't understand the book now, but I hope one day down the road it will mean something to him.

10 months have gone by!

May came and went before we even knew it! Another month flew by so quickly. Mason is becoming a toddler more and more everyday. I can't believe how fast our baby has changed. We have quiet a few friends who are expecting- some who recieve this email and I have to say, enjoy the time, even when it is hard, you're tired, and I'll say it, you may be a little bored. Love and hold that little baby because once their brain catches up with their body- they will want to move all over the place and you will miss those days of cuddling, snuggling and naps on your chest! Every once in a while Mason will still want to be held close just to relax and I have learned not to take those moments for granted.

Developmentally, we are doing great- he is still scooting backwards and although he gets into position to crawl forward he always stops short of taking that first move. He will get there and we enjoy watching what movements (and how far) he can get around backwards. He also sat up in his crib for the first time. We layed him down for a nap and all of a sudden we heard his mobile music- so we went up stairs and found him sitting up pulling on his mobile. He looked surprised that we found him! He has started pulling up on furniture and trying to stand- once in position he will stand for a few minutes and play before deciding that he is ready to sit back down. And finally, he said his first word- he has been making sounds for weeks, we hear mama's, dada's, eye's, etc but about a week ago he said dad. Once he said it and we praised him, he kept going, just repeating it. it was such a treasurer for Steve's especially since he works so hard so that I can stay home with Mason.

For mother's day we decided to spend the day at the zoo. Mason LOVED seeing the animals and of course he is a people watcher so we was highly entertained. For me, it was just a great day to spend as a family, not running errands, just being together. We have had about a dozen really nice days, so we have enjoyed walks around the lake, afternoons in the yard, swinging in the park and picnics outside. You can never take the sun for granted!

9 months of Mason

I know it is May 1st so this update is almost two weeks late, but we have had a BUSY couple of weeks. We left on April 18th to head to TN for a vacation, but mostly for Steve's brothers wedding. I can't believe how fast the time in TN went. We got to Chattanooga for a day to visit with Abby and LeAnn (my best friends from college) and their families! We had a great time, enjoying the aquarium and lunch at one of the best places to eat in downtown Chattanooga (Big River). The day was even more special because we got to hang out with LeAnn's kids (they have grown up so fast) and we got to see our first glimpse of pregnant Abby! She is expecting in October and we couldn't be happier for her! The next day we headed to Nashville, to visit with Steve's Great Aunts Alice and Irene. We drove up with Bryan, Michelle, and Pat, and although the day went by quickly is was great to see Alice and Irene and let Mason meet his Great Great Aunts! The weather in TN was beautiful and we were all able to wear shorts, let Mason go without a hat and sit outside for hours on end! Towards the end of the week- my sister, Les and her two children came down to spend a couple days with us and we had an incredible time. Mason was in awe of little kids who could move and were interested in playing with him. I think Thomas, my nephew, enjoyed Mason a lot more this visit, since in November, Mason wasn't even sitting up by himself. By Thursday afternoon, the wedding festivities had begun, with a cookout for family, the rehearsal on Friday and the big day on Saturday. Mason was a trooper through it all and even went close to 7 hours without a nap on Saturday, he passed out at the reception in the arms of a church friend. He enjoyed seeing all his Short and Marlowe relatives and found a new best bud in his cousin, Little Johnny (who is no longer little- he grew up too!) Our trip ended with an Austin afternoon! Most of my dad's sisters and his parents came over and we had lunch and visited for quite sometime. For me, the highlight of the trip was all of family and friends we were able to spend so much time with! I miss quick trips back to Belvidere for the weekend and to have that back, even if only for a short time was a blessing!
As for the beginning of April, time just kept turning! We had a wonderful first easter as a family and Mason went for his 9 month check up- his pediatrician says he is doing great. He weighed in at 19 pounds 12 ounces(25-50%) , 28 1/2 inches long (50-75%) and well his head circumfrence I can't remember but it was in the 75-90% percentile! We are ready for summer and are enjoying the sun breaks we recieve here in the northwest. We are already planning our next trip back home and this time it will have an Atlanta stop as well. We want to try to keep up with as many people as we can! (That will be end of June to early July). Since returning home, Mason has begun really showing signs he is ready to crawl. He is now crawling backwards and I think in the next few weeks we will have to babyproof and my world is going to change! The boy is ready to get around.
I want to keep these short but some people have emailed back asking how Steve and I are doing since you typically only hear about Mason. Well, we are both doing great. Steve is still at Microsoft and has a new boss who he really likes. He is ready for summer and for the rain to stop (aren't we all!) He has really taken to fatherhood and I love watching my two guys hang out together! As for me, I am doing great as well. Mason and I attend a moms weekly bible study and I am really enjoying the time and fellowship with other moms. I have also started working out three times a week and I have to say that hour to myself is a blessing! Not only do I enjoy the phyical activitiy, but for me that personal time is priceless. I am still making cards and have found a renewed energy for embrodiering! I savor my time as a mom, but as with anything, balance is key. It is nice to have a few activities that are just mine.

8 Months and a couple of weeks

I know this is a little late but better late than never. March was a great month for Mason! He has really come into his personality and it is fun to see who is becoming everyday. He loves to have books read to him and flipping the pages, playing either with us or by himself, watching Bailey and Jack, and intereacting with all his little friends. I think they have discovered that there are other little people like them! He also have found a new love- paper- especially my grocery list! Twice, I have missed things on the list because after Mason got a hold of it- it was too wet to read. He is becoming a little ham bone! Anytime anyone shows him any type of attention he smiles, laughs, and just eats it up!
We went to a toddler carnival in early march- we knew he was too young for most of the activities, but it was a great way to spend a rainy Saturday and we got to check out some of the local toddler groups. He got his face painted- it was supposed to be a rainbow but mr. wiggle worm kept moving so it was pretty abstract. Mason finally cut his first tooth- it is still really tiny and hard to see, but you can feel it (which is all that matters!) Steve and I also became annual pass members to the space needle when they were having an online sale for memberships so this month, Mason and I took our first trip to the top of the needle. Mason enjoyed the elevator ride up (which is my least favorite part) but we had a great time.
Finally, my mom came to visit this past week! (Which is also the part of the delay of the monthly update- we were having too much fun to be on the internet) Mason and grandma had a great time and it was a wonderful treat for me too! March was the coldest march on history in Seattle (since 1976- that might as well be forever!) and I needed a good dose of mom sunshine. We put her on a plane today and she is safe and sound back in Tennessee. While she was here, we also found Mason's outfit for Bryan's (Steve's brother's) wedding. he is going to be too cute! Let's just say he has shoes- I know your excited to see them but you'll have to wait for next month. Well I think that is about all for this month. We can't wait to see a bunch of you at the end of April when we are down in Tennessee. If you can believe it, the school madness has already begun. My mom and I stood outside in the rain for an hour to get Mason into a toddler group for next year- the best part three of our friends are in the same class! It may sound crazy, but our parent baby classes at the hospital end at one year and we truly enjoy this weekly outting so we are excited for it to continue next year.

7 months and counting...

This has been such a busy month (and a month of firsts) I don't even know where to begin.
Our firsts:
1) On Valentine's day we went out for lunch, while running errands and we decided to see how Mason did in the restaurant high chair. He was a champ! He loved being at the table, watching people, looking out the window and drinking water through a straw (I forgot his sippy cup at home) His only dislike, watching us eat while he is not. I think this is because everynight we all sit and eat dinner together- sometimes Steve and I are eating in shifts but we always sit down with him so that he sees that meal time is family time.
2) After our success in the high chair, I decided that at our next grocery outing we would try to sit in the shopping cart and again- we did great! He loves kicking his feet and the boy can flirt with any old lady that walks by. He is such a ham bone!
3) We also had our first cheerios this month- these did not go over as well, but we still keep trying them- he is learning to chew them, but apparently he is not a fan of the taste.
4) We had our first babysitter for date night. Steve and I decided we wanted to try to go out once a month just the two of us for dinner to have a few hours together, so we found a very nice high school junior to come over and watch Mason. I worked with her mom at Lakeside and she was great! We had a blast getting out and enjoying each others company.
5) Mason is a beat boxing master! He was learned to make noise by blowing air through his closed lips- it sounds like he is beat boxing. He thinks it is the funniest thing to do and he laughs at himself everytime he does it.
We have been going to swim class every week and Mason is taking to the water like a fish. He is learning to kick his feet and we practice floating (my hands are always under him) on his back and stomach. The instructor said we should be ready to put our head under water in the next few months- but we will see about that- mom is not convinced!
Teeth Report:
We still don't have any teeth but I think they are coming- he has been quite fussy (for Mason at least) the last two days and his gums seem very swollen. I will let you know if anything breaks through.

1/2 year old!

I can't believe six months ago, we brought Mason home from the hospital. I remember the first night at home, Steve and I looked down on him in the crib and wondered if he would ever cry (he was a preemie so those first few days were really quiet). I remember thinking not being able to breastfeed was the end of the world for me. I remember holding him and wondering how I could ever love someone I just met. I remember worrying if we would be good parents. Six months ago, our entire world changed and we couldn't be happier!
A few of those questions have been answered:
Yes, he does cry, not a whole lot- but he let's us know when he is upset.
There is life beyond breastfeeding- Mason has survived and thrived quite well on formula- I will try it again whenever we have baby #2 (NO news to report) but I am at peace with my boobs. Thank you dad, for reminding me that no matter how much we want something to work it can't always happen.
I still can't believe that I love someone so much who can't talk to me, spits up on me on an hourly basis, but whose smile and laugh makes it all worthwhile.
I pray everyday we will be good parents- but I have come to the realization that we will make decisions- some will be good, some maybe bad and we just have to move on and realize that we are doing the best we can and that is the best thing we can give Mason.
Six months. I can't believe it! Okay enough reminiscing.
Mason is doing great- we went last week for our 6 month appointment- he weighed in at 17 lbs 2 oz and 26 1/4 inches tall. His little head (well not so little) is 44 cm. His pediatrician is really happy with his development and growth. We are eating solid foods- we have had rice cereal, oatmeal, barley, sweet potatoes, squash, peas, green beans, carrots, bananas, pears and of course- peaches! He loves eating solid foods and even likes my attempts at homemade baby food. He is sleeping through the night - 12 hours straight- and I have to say this makes all the difference to Steve and I. His latest milestone is sitting up by himself. He can sit up for more than 30 minutes now and this has added a whole new excitement level to playing!
He also is happy to report that his mom is home with him full time. I went back to work in December and although I loved seeing my work buddies, I missed that little spitter too much. I put in my two week notice right before the new year and am in the midst of my second week as a stay at home mom. Mason had two babysitters come to the house to stay with him during my last two weeks at work, and I think it was good for all of us. I have learned to let go (for a little while) and Mason was able to be comfortable with other people. I worry about stranger anxiety since he doesn't get to see many people on a regular basis besides Steve and I so I am glad that he went to others so easily. Mason and I are still going to two moms groups- plus we have started volunteering at the local hospital for an hour a week. not much, but we are giving back what we can. We work the registration at the parent baby classes- these have been a life saver for us so I want to help in any way I can. Mason met his best friend, Will there and I have made good friends as well. We are starting a swim class tomorrow to learn to play in the water and become more comfortable in it. Mason loves bath time so I think he will take to the pool.
Other than that, life in our house is moving a mile a minute and we are just trying to remember to stop and take in those moments. Steve is back at work and if you have seen on the news- he still has a job. Which we are very thankful for since I don't. (well not a paying job anyway).

Mason @ 4 months

Oh what a month it has been! Sorry this is late but it has been a whirlwind of events. We had our four month appointment in November and Mason weighed in at 15lbs, 4 oz, and 24 1/2 inches long. He is right in the middle for his weight and height and our pediatrician is happy with his progress. He smiles and laughs all the time and even rolls from his belly to back (I think this is more because he hates tummy time than anything) In mid November, we flew to Phoenix to celebrate Erin's confirmation and first communion. Mason was able to meet his Aunt Les, Uncle Rams, and cousin Maggie for the first time. He was so excited to see the sun again- although he had to wear pants the entire time, because we don't have shorts for him in this size! While in Phoenix (note: it was 85 degrees) Mason caught his first cold. We survived :) and I think my mom was proud that I did not freak out. Mason lovingly passed it on to me, but we are all better now. Five days after returning from Phoenix we all flew to Tennessee for our thanksgiving vacation. We are staying in Washington for Christmas so we stayed in Tennessee for ten days. Mason had such a great time getting to meet all his aunts, uncles and cousins and was able to spend more time with his Grammy (Steve's mom), and grandma Kathy and grandpa Andy. While in Tennessee we also celebrated Mason's baptism. It was so nice to welcome Mason into our church with all our family and friends and I was especially honored that my two roommates and best friends from college, Abby and LeAnn were able to come. As you can tell it was a packed visit in the south! Two days after we returned to Seattle, I started work and Steve began his paternity leave. Steve will be home with Mason until Jan 5th when he has to go back to work. It is different being back at work, I always feel like my mind is in another place but we are trying to make the best of it. We will see how it goes. SO, as you can see, we are not lacking in the activity department. We hope all is well with you and I promise our 5 month report will come on time.

Three Months and Counting

What a busy month it has been! Mason is continuing to grow and discover new things everyday! He has fallen in love with his playyard and loves to bat at the toys that dangle over his head. He also likes to sit up in his bumpo (training seat) and look at the world from a totally new view. This month Mason also got to meet his cousins, Emily and Erin when they came up to visit with Mel in the beginning of October. We went to our first pumpkin patch and our front door is now home to three pumpkins! Next week we plan on carving them. Mason also earned his wings during his flight to Atlanta! We traveled there last weekend for a good friends wedding (Laura, you looked amazing!)- and besides being introduced to the south he also had his first babysitters- My aunt Michelle, aunt Margo, Nick and Natalie. He had a great time getting to meet some more family members and I kept telling him it was training for thanksgiving and all the people he would meet then! We also had a great time getting to see friends from Altanta- Mason got to meet my Agnes buddies and we hung out with Steve's GaTech friends- Mary (yankee Mary) had a blast holding Mason- it was the first time Steve and I ate dinner at the same time in a long time. We took our first set of family pictures in Atlanta and you can view a few by visiting Since we've been back we have tried to get back to our schedule and catch up on some sleep. Next week, we will celebrate halloween as a monkey!

2 Month Update

Last week Mason had his 2 month doctors appointment. He weighed in at 12 lbs 4 oz. and is 22 1/2 inches long. the doctor was very pleased with his growth. He had to get three shots so we weren't too happy but by the next morning we were all better. We went to a corn maze two weeks ago and I took a ton of pictures but my memory card died- so on a sunny afternoon, we went and recreated as many shots as possible. of course, he was asleep but we still got pictures. the last picture is of the way home from the farm- his hat fell onto his face and when I got out of the car i couldn't help but laugh and take a quick shot! Mason also made his first smile last week. They are starting to come more frequently now and I have to say every smile reminds me why being a parent is so great!
Things are going really well for us- we are excited to go to Atlanta in October for a wedding and then Tennessee in November for thanksgiving.
Mason also had his first dinner date with his buddy Will. Will's parents, Steve and I had a great time trying to eat with two little boys who couldn't decide if they wanted to sleep or cry.

Happy 2 week birthday, Mase

We made it two weeks! Mason is doing well and growing bigger every day. Every time I look at him he looks so much older and I can't believe it has only been two weeks- it seems like forever (or atleast a month). We are doing well- my mom left on Tuesday so it has been two days with just me and Mason and we are beginning to fall into a routine. Yesterday we went to a baby group and had a great time. We got to meet other little babies and mommies and it helped me feel like we aren't alone. It seems weird but I don't remember what I did without Mason. I never imagined I would fall in love with someone that I only met two weeks ago but I have. I love watching him sleep, make faces for no apparent reason, curl up his little feet when Bailey licks them, listening to Steve talk to him during the midnight feeding- I could go on but you get the point. We feel very blessed and couldn't be happier.

Mason's weight is also up which is great! He is 7 lbs 13 oz. We still go to the doctors office about once a week until my breastfeeding issues work themselves out but I actually don't mind- by the time an appointment comes up, I have a ton of questions!

One week old!

Sorry this is late- but I wanted to let you all know, Mason, Steve and I are home safe and sound- we were released from the hospital last Thursday. Mason still had jaundice so we visited one doctors office or another on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Monday he had gained weight and his color was looking better. We are doctor's office free until next Monday when he goes for his circumcision. Other than that, things are going well- we are adjusting to our new life. It is crazy to think that he is here and home, I thought I had 4 more weeks- but I guess he had other plans.

My mom and dad have come up to visit and it has been great, seeing family, having an extra set of hands and just being with people who love you. When I look at Mason, I hope he feels the same way about me as I do about my mom- everything is better with her around.

For those who know our beloved pets, Bailey is still being miss protective and lets us know every time Mason cries, makes a noise or stirs in his crib. Plus, Bailey won't let Jack near him.