Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Falls Mill

Tuesday we spent the morning at Falls Mill. Grandpa Andy came with us and the kids enjoyed wading in the water by the waterfall.
I think this was the best group picture we got all week!
 Nat came us and joined us for the week. We loved having another cousin around.
 I took some senior pictures of Emily later in the week so we tested out this spot. I can't believe she is a senior- it feels like yesterday she was my kids age.growing up too fast!
 Mason collected some snails. He named them. All boy.
 Silly little girl.
 Mason loves hanging with Thomas. I hope they are always best buds!
 He got so wet!
 I love outtakes.
 Me and my boy. I couldn't love him more.
 Reagan loves her grandpa (and she pretty much has him wrapped around her finger)

Week at grandma's Part 1

This past week the kids and I spent the week at grandma and grandpa's along with both my sisters. Which means- all the grand kids were together! We had an amazing week which began with the Knapper family reunion and swimming at the lake!

I love these kiddos and am always happy when they all get together. 
 Oh course, we had to do a silly face!
 We headed to the lake Sunday afternoon. Reagan decided to stay on the boat with grandpa.
 While Mason was like a FISH! He couldn't jump in enough!

On Monday we headed to Lake Winnie. It was my first visit (I know sad especially since I lived in Chattanooga for four years!) We had a blast- Mason was fearless and willing to try everything he was tall enough to ride. Reagan had a great time too. It was a great day- only thing missing was Steve.

Mason got on everything he could.
 Waiting in line for the slide.
 Reagan loved this boat. Thomas was a champ to ride with her- he looks SOO happy. She kept ringing the bell, over and over, and over again.
 Mason rode the whale with Thomas, Mags and Aunt Les.
 Reagan and I enjoyed the bees!
 I love getting to see my sisters with my kids. We don't get to see Aunt Mel enough so I'm glad they rode the Tin Lizzie's together.
 I was very proud of Reagan for riding the Caterpillar roller-coaster- this ride also had THE best worker. He was so funny and sweet to Reagan when she was scared at the end.
 The gang before we left!
 Lake Winnie now has a water park. I was nervous wasn't sure how well we would do since both kids still use floaties but they loved it. Reagan spent most of her time in the kiddie area, although we all enjoyed floating in the (not so) lazy river.
 Mason went down the big slides twice. He loved them both. 
 I can't believe how daring he has become!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Last week, Mason spent three days in a Lego Mini Fig camp. He had a blast- he made a swing, contraption for a zipline and a catapult, plus he learned about gears, pulleys, and levers.This was his first summer camp experience where I left him and he did awesome. It made me realize how fast he is growing up.

 Beyond a Brick is an awesome program.
 Mason loved getting some time during free build!

 This was his contraption for the zipline.