Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sneak Peak- Beanette's Room

Mason and I spent the last week and half sick. It was our first cold of the season so I am very grateful that we have stayed healthy so long, but it finally hit us. Mason lost his appetite and lived off of smoothies made by me. He loved them and as long as it was getting in fluids, yogurt, fruit and veggies. I didn't care. I just wanted him to get better. We stayed home for 10 days. 10 days is a long time with no contact from the outside world. We were both going stir crazy, but I am happy to report we are better and heading to toddler group this morning! With all that extra home time on my hands, I decided to start knocking things off my beanette to do list. Starting with the paintings for her room.

I found some on etsy that I loved, but now that we are a one income family, I felt like I should try to make them before spending money on something that wasn't essential. I don't like to brag on my self, but I love them! I am so happy I decided to make them because it makes them that much more special for her. Since her bedding has birds on it. I did a painting with two trees and then added small accent paintings with branches, birds, and owls. I think it really helps to give her room some color (we have brown walls and espresso furniture). I also really wanted to paint her initials on the wall, but the more I thought about it, we aren't going to live here forever and that would mean painting before trying to sell our house so I decided to paint those on canvas too. They hang over her crib and I promise once a name is decided you will get a preview of the initials. For now, the M for Marlowe is complete and that is it.

So here they are!

Mason loves spending time in her room and likes to hang out in her closet (we don't have the doors on yet) I couldn't resist snapping a picture of big brother and his love for sisters closet!

We are getting really close to having her room complete. Once it is, I will upload more pictures so you can see the entire room complete! Until then, hope these keep you curious!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Beanette's C-section has been scheduled and she is due to arrive April 28 at 12:15 pm. I am so happy to have a day and know when she will be joining us. It does add pressure to get everything done, but let the countdown begin!

big boys and beanette

I meant to post these pictures about uhhh, a month ago, but time has gotten away from me. Anywho- Mason has moved out of the highchair and into his booster seat. He loves being at the table! Meal time is a bit more messy as he know picks up the plate, tips it over, pushes away from the table, etc. But it's another marker that we are moving out of baby stage and more more into our toddler phase. He also loves to play at the table in his booster seat!

I had another ultrasound last week to check on Beanette. Since Mason was early, now that I am in my third trimester they will start to see me every two weeks to check my cervix and make sure she doesn't make an early appearance either. So far my cervix looks great and Beanette is weighing almost 3 lbs (76%), I could see her breathing on her own and as always she was too busy to stay still long enough for a decent picture. She is laying very low in my belly (which isn't a big deal) although it could put added pressure on my cervix. I go next week for my next checkup and Steve and Mason can come! (the hospital hasn't allowed children to come due to flu season but they are now letting loose a little) I am excited to have Steve and Mason see her- Steve hasn't seen or heard her since 20 weeks- Mason 16 weeks!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Needing a little privacy

When we went for Mason's 18th month appointment, our pediatrician suggested we get a potty, and have it around for about a month before trying to introduce Mason to it. His thought was that if the potty became a part of Mason's life, he would be less scared of it. So we bought a potty last weekend. Dr. G. suggested putting it in the living room with his toys, but Mason being the loader and unloader that he is, started to put toys in it, so we decided it would be best to bring the potty to the bathroom and have it there. Since I go ALL the time, we thought Mason could sit on it when I go. This has been working great- he sits fully clothed and waits for me to finish.

Today however, Mason was playing upstairs and I heard the bathroom door slam. He had shut himself in the bathroom- so I went to open the door and to my surprise this is what I found!

Not only was he sitting on the potty by himself, he was not happy that I interrupted his alone time. He quickly got up, and slam the door in my face.

When I opened it again, he was again sitting on the potty. I guess everyone needs some privacy!

PS. Sorry I have been slow to update. I am tired. Pretty much all the time. But we are working through it and I am learning to nap with Mason.