Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

I don't know how I forgot to post this, but Sunday, Oct. 16th we headed to a pumpkin patch. (We did go to Chattanooga the day before so maybe I got caught up with those posts to remember...) Oakes family farm offered a groupon a while back so we took advantage to enjoy our first fall activity in TN. We got there right when it opened and I was glad we did by the time we left there was a huge line so it was nice to enjoy it before the crowds really came in.

Mason and Reagan ready to go at the farm.
Oakes had a a lot of activities for kids of all ages. Mason and Reagan loved these slides and we went over and over and over again. I loved Reagan's hair and skirt flying! She had a blast.

They had a pumpkin race in water troths, although Reagan was move interested in "washing" her hands than racing.

A kid corn maze and a HUGE adult one that we didn't even attempt.
The kid one was tricky enough for our two!

A corn box- like a sand box but with corn kernels. Both kids loved this. They also had a bounce house, a real sand box, a tire mountain, a pumpkin gun, and a petting zoo. Literally, you could stay all day. The weather was great and we took in as many activities as we could. But we came for one real reason. To get a pumpkin...
Anxiously waiting to reach the pumpkin patch while on the hay ride.

Looks like we found a winner! I have to note- this farm had so many more activities than any patch we visited in Seattle, it was great. But, it wasn't a real patch like Seattle. It was just a field where they dumped a bunch of pumpkins- still fun for the kids, but once you have dragged a wheel barrow throw the mud into a real patch looking for the perfect pumpkin- there is no comparison. Note the rain boots. They didn't even get muddy. Oh well, they looked cute doing it.

And finally, a family picture! One day we will all look the same direction and smile. until then. this is us.
Happy Fall Ya'll!

Halloween Carnival

On Wednesday, Mason's school had their annual Halloween Carnival. They needed parent volunteers and you could bring a younger sibling with you so Reagan and I volunteered to help. I am almost convinced that Reagan had more fun that Mason (probably because she got to stay the whole time) They brought the classes in by age group so that it was never overly crowded. It was a lot of fun to see how/what the different age groups liked and how they played differently. I was in charge of face painting (with washable markers) and Reagan was my assistant for about half an hour. Then she decided she wanted to play games too. I think she is super excited to start school next year. She was ready to go! And she took an extra long nap that afternoon-being a social butterfly wears a girl out!

Reagan getting ready to leave. She was decked out in a festive Halloween ensemble.

Mason wanted to pose by his McQueen pumpkin, if you look close you can see him holding up a little McQueen by the pumpkin. He loves to find matches.

Both Mason and Reagan enjoying the carnival. The other parents were sweet to help her play games.

This was seriously her favorite game. She played it forever and she laughed so hard! It was the sweetest sound and one I will forever remember.

Mason's class. He was leader that day and takes his responsibility very seriously :)

Mason when we got home. He made the Halloween crown and candy corn necklace at the carnival.
Can't wait to share some more Halloween fun this weekend!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

UTC Homecoming

It has been years since I have been to UTC's homecoming. Truth be told- it's been 10 YEARS since I went. But since we were already in Chattanooga for Cam's party I thought it might be fun to go. WOW have a lot of things changed in 10 years (but in a good way!) There were a lot more people at homecoming then when we went to the game and the tailgating has improved a thousand percent. The last homecoming I attended I was homecoming chair and walking into the pavilion I was flooded with a thousand memories. I was amazed at how many people I recognized from our days, and I was even more happy to have a couple of sorority sisters to hang with. :)
Since we had two kiddos with us, who had pretty much been up since 7 AM, we decided to tailgate and then just head home. You know that is the best part anyway. Mason got to play in the kid zone, Reagan danced in front of the Phi Delt area, and I got to visit with some old friends (even Steve knew someone). I ran into one of my college roommates from JR/SR year. I hadn't seen Shannon in years and was super excited to see her! Next year, I hope we can make it to the real game. I think Mason would enjoy it (for awhile) he is really into football lately. I didn't take many pictures, it took Reagan awhile to warm up to the noise so I spent most of the time holding her.

A future running back.

And a quarterback (with an extra set of hands)

PROOF we were there! thanks for hanging with us, ladies!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sweet Shoppe

Saturday we headed out early to one of our favorite 2 year's old birthday party..CAM! It was our first time visiting their new place and we had a blast. I love that my college roomies and I are still close but even more I love that we have kids that get to grow up knowing each other and continuing our legacy of friendship. Cam's party was complete with a sweet shoppe and bounce house.
Reagan was mesmerized by the giant pink house!

This is a classic Reagan face. I love it.

Mason and the birthday girl. She was more interested in the candy bracelet and he was still eying the bounce house.

Mason's first experience with candy jewelry. It was a hit!

Kaitlyn and Cam catching up.

Kaitlyn and Mason hanging out.

Cam making a wish.

She got a new trike which she loved and was so nice to share...

Reagan was in heaven. She loved it.

You can't tell from this picture, but Mason is sitting ON Reagan, hence the smile on his face and the little hand peaking out from his side.

Happy birthday, Cam. We love you!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A house divided

At least they are still friends after the game! (yes that is a hug)


Monday, October 10, 2011

A trip to the ER

I am a little late posting this, but it was a first for the Marlowe household so I wanted to be sure and get it down so I could remember it.
Steve went to Missouri on Sept. 27 and was heading home Sept. 29, when he got a phone call from me. I was grilling hot dogs for the kids and I, when Reagan fell on the patio. That afternoon alone she had fallen at least 3 times on the patio, but this fall was different. She cried, but it didn't seem harder than any other fall. Everything was good until I picked her up and saw blood streaming from her forehead. Now typically, I am the emotional one, but since Steve was gone I knew I had to keep it together. So we came in and cleaned it off, but it wouldn't stop bleeding. I called our pediatrician (who was closing in 10 minutes) and they recommended heading to Children's Hospital ER. I turned off the grill, packed us up and off we went. That is when I called Steve and I think I did a good job keeping it together. Reagan had stopped crying, although blood was running down her face and Mason just kept saying, "Reagan needs a band aid."
Luckily, the ER wasn't busy when we got there and they took us back right away. (it could have helped that she had dried blood all down her nose). I knew what was coming, although I didn't want it to be true. Stitches. Just 3, but still my sweet baby girl and her perfect little forehead would forever tell the story of this day.

I didn't take a picture when it happened. Obviously, I was a little preoccupied.
But I did snap this on my cell phone while waiting to get stitches.
They had already cleaned her up, but it kept bleeding.

When we got home, we finished dinner and the kids went to bed. Once they were asleep, I sat down, had a beer and cried. For the first time since becoming a mom, I realized I couldn't protect them from the world. Life will happen and we can't stop it, but what matters is how we handle it.

On Sunday, Steve left for another work trip so the kids and I headed to church alone. I thanked God for watching over our family, keeping us safe, and that it was only 3 stitches. I also asked that we NOT go to the ER again while dad was gone :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

fall family photos

The DAY (yes, day, after we closed on the house) we drove to Nashville for the weekend so we could get some family pictures taken and get to spend some time with the Holt's. I know there are tons of photographers in Knoxville, but I have followed Sara's blog for 2 years. I love her work, I love how she captures moments that we experience daily, but that are precious because they show kids being kids, families being families, and the love that exists around us all. I could go on and on, Sara has a wonderful gift that she so generously shares with her clients. When I saw she was doing family mini's in Franklin I couldn't wait to book our session. Hence why I was crazy enough to book a session the day after our house closed, and three hours away.

Here are some of my favorite pics...
all by the fabulous Sara E. Rose Photography.

our little ham!

this is a CLASSIC Reagan pose- smile, hands behind her back and leg a rockin'

One of my favorites. I love this little girl-
she makes my world brighter and my heart twice as big.

I could not love another picture more.
The love between brother and sister. It doesn't get any better than this.

There was a lot of kissing during our session. HA!
I love that Reagan is clapping!

typically moment of marlowes. smiles all around.

My cup runneth over!

After our session the Holt's had theirs so Sara let us get together for a group shot.
The only thing missing the Alimusa's. How do we get AZ closer to TN?!?!

Thank you, Sara! I could not be happier!
This was also our last family photo before the "incident" details coming on tomorrow's post.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

View I love the most...

is my front porch looking in!

We decided to make Knoxville home and we bought a house. We closed on Sept. 15th (I will save you the details- just know that buying a house isn't like it used to be. There is no fun in it and to be honest I think I have had nightmares that were less scary). The end result regardless of how we got here, is fabulous. We love our new house and so do the kids! It is a new build so we are the first owners. We have already added a fence for Bay (her christmas present early) and we are starting to settle in. Once I get some pictures on the wall, I will be sure to post some.

And if you are in the area, let us know we have TONS of room!