Wednesday, November 28, 2012

tea party

Having a boy first, I have enjoyed many days of racing cars, playing ninjas, building with Lego's and making inventions. And for the most part, Reagan has enjoyed all of these same things. But lately, she has started to enjoy more girlie activities. She loves her baby dolls, likes to play dress up and enjoys being the mama to all her buddies (stuffed animals). So I don't know why I was surprised today when she held her first tea party for all her friends. Granted Reagan and I have had a million tea parties- Mason included. But today, as I worked on my to do list around the house, she gathered her friends, set the table, and began to serve tea to dinosaur, Daisy and Minnie. Makes this party planning mama proud.

 Obviously Minnie was having trouble eating her cracker (which I did provide) so Reagan fed it to her.
 Reagan and all her guests at the tea party.

 Giving Daisy a little more tea

 I love that she set everyone in their chairs, and made sure they had tea cups and crackers.
 For me to get some of these pictures, I stood on the chair so I could shoot down on them. Well, when the party was over, Reagan pulled out her camera and said, "now let's get a picture." so she pulled out the chair and stood on it.
 After this picture she said, I got the shot!
 Sweet Reagan, I look forward to many more tea parties with you and your buddies. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

November photos

Before the month officially ends I thought I'd share some moments from this month.

Reagan doing her best Clark Kent impression. 
 Seriously. She refused to take off the glasses.
 We spent a morning trying to get a photo for our Christmas cards. Here are some of my favorite out takes.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


My favorite holiday has to be- hands down. Thanksgiving. Our entire family comes in and while it's hectic and busy and loud; it's full of laughter, and fun, and most importantly family.

I love seeing the cousins together.

Melts my heart to see so many smiles. 

Reagan was d.o.n.e. with pictures but I love this combo. I can't imagine my life without my sisters, but more I can't imagine my children's lives without their cousins. As Mason would say "family sticks together."

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

We survived another Halloween at the Marlowe household! Although this year it was COLD! Both the kids costumes were pretty thin so I bundled them up in layers and off we went.  Baby Madison joined in on the trick or treat fun. She was a ballerina and Reagan insisted Mason hold her hand for the picture. Luckily he was a trooper!

I can't believe what a difference a year makes. Last year our little street had two houses completed on it, this year we are almost full and we got to go trick or treating with our neighborhood crew!

I love this picture even if it is missing Hello Kitty. She was having a moment. 
 Picking up even more of the neighborhood to head out!

We made it a little over half way through the neighborhood before we headed home. The kids had a great time and had a sugar rush the rest of the evening. :) I'd say that makes for a successful Halloween!

Reagan remembering (a little late) to say thank you for the candy.
 Mason heading to a house to score some treats!
 Once it got dark you could really see the lights on his costume.
 He looked amazing and we got tons of compliments on it!