Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11

I remember exactly where I was when I heard about the WTC. I remember who I was talking too and everything I did that day. But more importantly I remember how much I learned from that day- that nothing, should be taken for granted, especially the ones you love. So to honor 9/11 and everyone who lost someone that day we spent the day as a family enjoying the little moments in life. We started the day at church, headed to lunch and then came home to do what kids do best...PLAY. Which included a first for us- painting at home. I know, we should do this way more often- but the mess has always worried me, but today, I didn't even think about the mess, I just thought about what a great time they would have. And they did! Check it out for yourself.

Mason painting his police car from the Lowe's Build and Grow clinic yesterday.

Reagan painting a surf board we brought home from FL (courtesy of Aunt Cherry!)

She wasn't sure what to think about painting.

I love Mason's smile in this one. TOTALLY worth the mess!

Showing off her masterpiece.

Mason was proud of his surf board and police car
(so much so that he didn't want to quit looking at them to show me!)

oh, Mason! What am I going to do with you?! LOVE!
I hope you spent your day celebrating the ones you love and remembering how precious life is.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life's A Beach

On our last night in Jacksonville, we headed to my grandpa's favorite restaurant (formerly known as Junkyard cafe) and had dinner with my Aunt Cherry, Uncle Al, and cousin Kate. It was a great meal and it brought back tons of memories of eating there with my grandpa throughout the years. Seriously a trip to Jax beach isn't complete without heading to the Junkyard!

And we got in some family beach pics.
Apparently whatever was behind us was a lot more exciting.

they each took great pictures- just not at the same time.

Bye, beach! See you next year. HELLO FALL!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beach Day 2 and last day

On Saturday, we headed back out to the beach for the morning. As soon as we got there Mason was ready to get back in the water! He loved getting out into the waves and splashing around in the low tide. We began the morning building another sandcastle and this time, Mason decided to "bling" out the castle with shells on top. I have to say it is really hard to build a sandcastle with Reagan constantly trying to step on it, but we did!
Both kiddos were very proud of their hard work!

My Aunt Cherry joined us again, as well as my Aunt Tammy. I was so happy to get to spend time with them and get to watch them bond with Mason and Reagan. Tammy and Mason walked the beach looking for seashells and Reagan, Steve, Cherry, and I headed out to splash in the waves. Apparently Mason has a lot of Knapper traits- including being pretty picky on what shells he picks up, and cleaning them before leaving the beach :)

Reagan splashing in the water.

Look at that LAUGH! It was a true belly laugh!
Reagan jumping the waves.

Mason and Aunt Tammy looking for shells.
After lunch we decided to try out a local park. It was so much fun- it was HUGE and had a toddler area as well as a splash pad. Mason must have gone down the slide at least 50 times. He was having a blast. Reagan ran around and enjoyed the swings. I wish we could have spent more time there but it was HOT and we were planning to go out to dinner with our family so we needed to head back for the kids to rest and get ready to head out.

Aunt Cherry with Mason and Reagan

We were planning to stay until Monday, but we started watching the weather and realized if we left Monday we would hit rainy weather the ENTIRE drive, so we packed up and headed out Sunday morning. The nice thing about having a grandpa with a beach house is we know we can always go back! Before leaving we did take some beach pictures but I will save those for tomorrow.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Beach Day 1

We got up bright and early on Friday to head out to the beach. Mason was SUPER excited- this was his FIRST trip to the beach. The first thing he wanted to do was swim in the ocean. So all four of us headed out to experience some waves. He seemed to really enjoy it, but Reagan wasn't really sure what to think. (it could have also been the life-jacket she had on-we were playing it safe). Steve and Mason stayed out while Reagan and I relaxed on the beach.

Reagan was trying to give Mason his hat.
(this coming from the girl who would only keep hers on for 5 minutes)

She did not know what to think of the beach. She wasn't a fan of the water, or really the sand. I was worried it maybe a long weekend, but she soon warmed up to both!

We spent the morning making a sandcastle.

Complete with a moat.

We decided to ditch the life-jackets which made going back and forth from the water to sand a whole lot easier. Collecting more water for the sandcastle.
We spent the afternoon with our Aunt Cherry and cousin Kate. We walked along the beach and collected seashells, and just enjoyed catching up. We had such a great time- I forgot to bring my camera. (arrgghhh). We also learned that if Reagan had her crocs on, she was super happy.
I have many found memories from my youth of my aunt cherry at the beach with us. It warms my heart that my kiddos will have some of those same memories.

That night, we went out to dinner at Salt Life (YUMM-O). If you are ever in Jax Beach- you have to go. It was fabulous. After dinner, we headed back to the beach so we could get a few pics of M & R together.

This is my favorite.

What a great first day of vacation!

we arrived!

After 10 LONG hours in the car...we made it to the beach! Mason and Reagan did awesome on the drive. We stopped twice- once for lunch, once for gas. Mase was so excited to see the beach that we stopped in on our way to the beach house (right before sunset). I love that he is taking it all in.
sweet. sweet. memories.

just wait Mason, the best is yet to come!