Thursday, January 17, 2013


Our forcast called for 1-4 inches of snow, so when it started at 4 pm this afternoon I knew we better pull out the snow gear and enjoy it while we can. An hour later, the snow stopped and we had a decent dusting. ;) Enough to play, slud (sled/mud) down a hill, and enjoy the slushiness that the white stuff provides. It was a great afternoon.

Reagan hasn't seen snow since she was 9 months old. She was pumped to see it!

Mason was checking out the snow on his gloves.

And this? this makes my heart happy. Two best buds. 

Happy snow day, East Tennessee!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Reagan's big news

I feel like I am ready to talk about it now. It's been seven FULL days. Without further ado....

Reagan is in underwear and is potty trained!   

We tried it back in October. We were actually IN undies for 3 days then, but every day she went less and less. She was holding it. Scared of the potty. It was heartbreaking. I felt so bad for her so we went back to diapers and decided we would try it again later. Then on Christmas day, Reagan got underwear in her stocking. She was so excited, she wanted to start wearing them that night! I was so pumped I thought this is it, here we go! She made phone calls, we got excited, but then we had a little set back. Reagan has had some issues in the poo department in the past and I noticed she hadn't gone in two days- which is never good, so we went back to diapers. I didn't plan on us trying again so soon, but Steve and I talked and we both knew- she was ready, she knew what to do, we just needed to get serious about it and do it. We don't do pullups, we do our own version of potty training boot camp and go straight to undies, don't leave the house, drink lots of liquid, try to make it as fun as it can be (HA!), and seriously eat, sleep, and breathe potty training until they get it.  It worked for Mason so we went for it again with Reagan and it worked! I still ask her if she hasn't gone in a while if she needs to go, but for the most part she tells us. And she is so excited, so proud of herself, and so happy to be a full big girl (after she gave up binky- she said she was half big girl/half little girl-since she was in diapers)! She still wears a diaper at night time (I would say nap time too, but those haven't happened in 2 weeks so I have the feeling they are a thing of the past) and we still have to watch her poop's. (which is an entirely different story and one that I am sure she wouldn't want in writing when she is older and happens upon my blog).

If you are in the midst of training - my advice to you. You know your child- you know what works for them- rewards, sticker chart, m&m's, praise. Do what you feel is best. Read other people's advice and store it away but trust your instincts. It's not an easy road but you can help make it easier for yourself and your child by listening to the voice that tells you if something is going to work for your family or not. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Year in Review

I'm getting caught up- I promise.

2012 was an amazing year for us- looking through pictures from the past year I can't believe how much our kiddos have grown. Some highlights from this year- Reagan transitioned to a toddler bed, Mason began writing his letters, Reagan gave up her binky, Reagan started Mother's day out,Mason started 4 year old preschool, and we took an amazing trip to Disney (to name a few highlights) I have loved watching our kids become friends and playmates. I fell in love with Steve more every time I saw him help Mason build with Legos or the way he calms Reagan down. (seriously he is the Reagan whisperer- if she is scared or upset, he can talk her through it like no other. I look forward to 2013- to the laughter, the smiles, and the moments we grow together.

2012 through Reagan

Mason's look at 2012

Here's to 2013!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas time

I know I am a little late posting this blog and I hope to share what has kept us busy the last couple of days. But for now- let's chat about CHRISTMAS!
We had a wonderful Christmas. I know some might find this odd but we spend Christmas morning with just us. We don't mind if people come and visit us, I just think with little kids you need to be in your own home on Christmas morning. They are only little once and trying to communicate to Santa that you aren't in your own house Christmas morning can be a little tricky.  It works for us. Plus when we were in Seattle, it wasn't a choice to go home so we've done it this way for quite a while. And it's nice, it's low key, we get to move at our kids pace, spend the day enjoying them, their new toys and our little family.

Santa came! I guess I should explain a little about Christmas at our house. Santa brings you one present at our house. A friend gave me this idea before Mason was born, and we liked it. Reagan thinks everything that was wrapped from us were from Santa, but Santa's presents aren't wrapped and I think as she gets older she'll get it.
Since we moved to our new house (so two Christmas's- Santa leaves a small present upstairs under the playroom tree and then the big present downstairs under our tree). It helps me explain how he can bring everyone in the world presents in one night and it also helps the kids to realize they aren't getting everything they ask for.
 I mentioned how we do Christmas to explain the Tiara. Reagan has been begging for a Princess watch from Santa- so he brought her one and it came with a tiara. It was under the tree upstairs so as soon as she saw it she put on the watch and tiara and wore them both {As you will soon see}. Santa brought Mason a Captain Hook boat upstairs.
 Downstairs, Mason got the Bucky pirate ship. He has been asking for it for months without fail. That is what he wanted Santa to bring and so he delivered. Reagan got Doc McStuffins and her buddies- Chilly, Stuffy, Lambie and Hallie.
 As I said, the tiara was on all day.
( I hate using the flash but they were moving so quickly it was easier. )
The kids got so many great gifts from friends and family. Reagan has been dressing up everyday with her new dress up clothes and shoes and Mason has been flying his Space Shuttle and Mater all around the house. 

 Reagan was feeding Lambie and Chilly her new ice cream. She carries them ALL around everywhere. Still. 
It melts my hear.
 Mason is really into pirates and Jake. We thought he might be a little old for it, but it's what he wanted.
 And he's been a really good kiddo this year. He really plays with his imagination with them too.
 He also got another Leapster game which he loves and likes to play especially when Reagan is asleep!
 I love that we already had a little red wagon (thanks Holt's!) just like Doc. Reagan carries her and the buddies ride.
 We had a big meal on Christmas Eve and at lunch on Christmas day so that night we kept it festive and simple!
And that my friends was our Christmas! {Steve and I also had a very nice Christmas- we just prefer to be behind the camera on Christmas morning. }