Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another 1st!

Reagan has started pulling up in her crib! I can't believe how fast she is growing up. She loves standing and has started to try to move from side to side. Note in the video, Mason can "touch" the birds above Reagans crib. I love watching them together!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

First MDO

For the past two and a half years, Mason and I have been together, everyday. I have loved it. In Seattle, we took swim lessons, we had evergreen parent/baby class, toddler group and playgroup. We kept busy. I know we will find our niche in Knoxville, but while we make new friends and find new activities to keep us busy, I began to look into MDO (mother's day out). For my Seattle friends, MDO is a lot like part time preschool, typically it is held and organized through a church. You drop your child off and they stay from 9-2ish. Mason's class has 7 kids and 2 teachers. They do art, read books, play indoors, play outdoors, have themed weeks, etc. I think it is a nice transition into real school. I know the time is coming for Mason to start preschool, and I wanted to make sure he was ready.

Everyday for the past two years, we have been together. It was time to see how we would do apart. Today was our first day....

We both survived! Mase did great. We have talked about his new school for about 2 weeks now. We have read "Llama llama misses mama" almost everyday (good book if your child is about to start school). We were supposed to start on Tuesday but a snow day canceled school. So we began today. Reagan and I dropped him off, didn't make a fuss about leaving and walked out the door. I will admit, it was weird walking to the car with only one child. Reags and I ran to Kohls and then went home to have lunch and play. It was nice to be able to devote a whole afternoon to Reagan. BUT I was super excited to go pick Mason up. I only called once to check on him and he was doing awesome. He was excited to see us and most importantly we both made it a day without each other.

Here is Mase as we are getting ready to leave MDO- please note he just woke up from a nap so he is in a bit of a daze but look at that sweet lunch box and back pack. He is growing up so fast.

I couldn't forget Reags- so here she is in her Johnny Jumper.

I feel like a new mom. Today I was able to recharge my energy battery and for the first time in over 3 months- I got a craft project done- not one but TWO (they are belated christmas presents so I needed to get working on them but still) I feel great and I am ready to spend the whole day with my kiddos tomorrow!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Reagan's 1st Snow

Although we have had two snow falls this year already, this is the first time we have been able to get out in it. The first snow, Mason was sick, and the second, Reagan. So when I heard it was coming through again, I prayed to keep everyone healthy so we could go play! It worked because this morning when we woke up, there was 4 inches on the ground!

Steve went to work today but his boss closed the office around noon so he came home and got to join the festivities. Mason got a sled for christmas and he was excited to pull it out. Steve started by pulling him around the yard.

Reagan was happy to just sit in the snow. It was when we made the snow angel she started to get fussy.

Once she got in the sled with Mason, she was happy again.

We ended the day with Mason pulling the sled and filling it with snow from his shovels.

Happy Snow Day!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 in Review

What a year 2010 turned out to be! I can't believe how much Mason and Reagan have grown and how fast it has gone by. We began the year a family of 3 living in Seattle and ended a family of 4 living in Knoxville. Here is a quick recap of the year:

children's museum with friends

first concert with the Recess Monkey's

playing in sister's closet
practicing loving on sister

Mom's Night out (with the most fabulous group of moms)

Last family picture as 3

Mason vs. mudpuddle

First kiss

getting used to having a sister

first haircut

Reagan's Baptism
Mase turned 2!

Reagan meeting Aunt Irene

trip to the aquarium
(mom's first trip downtown seattle with 2 kids alone)

Mason moved into his big boy bed

first day of school (LWTG)

getting ready to move

Halloween! The farmer and his tators
Thanksgiving and Reagan sitting up by herself!

Merry Christmas in our new house!
Here's to 2011!

Santa through the years

The progression of our relationship with Santa.



2010 (it's only better because I held him)

Christmas Catch-up

It feels like forever since I have blogged, but life has been moving at full speed. December flew by for us. We moved into our new house on Dec.3, the pets came back to us on the 5th, the tree went up on the 6th and from then on out- we have been busy unpacking boxes, getting settled and trying to make it feel like the holidays for the kids. I felt like even if nothing else in their life made sense this month- I wanted them to feel the Christmas spirit for as long as we could. Here is a recap of our December:

We went to Comcast Christmas at Chilhowee Park for the tree lighting. It was a great night, a bit cold, but the kids loved the lights and Mason loved the ones that floated on the lake.

At the same park, we ran into the mascot for the Tennessee Valley Fair. Santa wasn't a big hit last year so I thought we would do a trial run with the chicken- only in TN!

Mason is really, really into trains, so when I heard that the UT Botanical Garden hosts a Christmas Express train every year I knew we had to go.
It was 4,000 square feet of model trains. He couldn't take his eyes off the tracks.

Even when I tried to get a shot of both kids together- Mason just couldn't look away. Reagan enjoyed it too, but was just as happy people watching.

One reason I am so happy to be back in Tennessee is the fact that Mason and Reagan will get to spend so much time with their TN cousins. He prefers to call them "my guys" even though Maggie reminds him, she is a girl. Here are the four amigos at my parents in front of the tree.

I love being able to witness my dad being a grandpa. He is great with the kids and they are equally crazy about him. as you can tell, Mase was not in the mood for a photo, but it was the best I could do.

This month, we have also had 2 snow falls. Unfortunately, Mason was sick for the first one and Reagan was sick for the second one so we didn't take them out to get a picture. I am hoping we will have one more so I can at least get Reagan in the snow.
We also went to Shadracks light display- which I highly recommend if you live near one. It is a drive thru light display and it was AWESOME. At the end there was a petting zoo and I brought my camera but never pulled it out.

We attended the Children's Mass at All Saints- here are M&R as we got ready to walk out the door. All in all it was a wonderful holiday season. Mason can even tell you that Christmas is "baby jesus's birthday" (we read a book about Christmas every night) I love that he is beginning to grasp the reason for the season. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!