Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fun with Farragut's Fleet

Last Saturday, we decided to head to town hall for the "Fun with Farragut's Fleet" event. They had different types of machines that the city uses available for kids to sit on, touch, and get to learn more about. We got there around 9:30 and I am glad we got there early as it was HOT. We had a great time. Mason loved getting to sit on the machines and Reagan was happy to tag along as well.

The Bomb Squad.
I love the ray of sun shining down on M.

Reagan loved the gator.

The firetruck.

Rescue Boat.

Reagan and dad in the bulldozer scoop.

They were ready to go for a ride!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Monday was Mason's first day of preschool. It was only 1/2 day and parents stayed for orientation (in another room- so he never saw me). I am so excited for all the fun things he will discover throughout the year. They have chapel one day a week and music class another, plus arts and crafts, learning their days of the week, time, letters and numbers. it's going to be a great year!
He was super excited to head back to school and was ready to leave 30 minutes before we needed to. So, we took some pictures outside before we left.

Mason on the front porch. Ready to head out.

just being silly.

Reagan watching brother. She looks up to him so much.

Reagan "approving" his first day of school outfit (and shoes)

Mason and Mrs. Henson
I can't believe how fast these first three years have gone. Have a great year, Mase!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


If you ever drive I-75 near Knoxville then you have seen the billboard for the Sweetwater Valley Farm. After many trips down 75, I finally decided it was time to tour the farm. Our playgroup decided it would be fun to tour the farm together as our last big outing before school started back. So last week we packed up and headed down to Philadelphia..Tennessee :) (side note: I love when small towns have the same name as major cities from a different state) It was a really fun morning and we had a great time getting to explore the barn exhibit, tasting the cheese, and then heading out to the walking tour to see the cows. The kids were REALLY excited about getting to see the animals. They had a few horses near the front that you could see and get really close too, but to get a good look at the cows and hear more about the ins and outs of the farm you need to take the tour. It was interesting and held the toddlers attention but it was super hot and that got to them quickly. A quick stop in the store at the end for cheese samples had everyone ending on a happy note!

Our first try at a group shot- trying to rangle 10 kiddos is not easy.
(although they are ALL in this pic)

much better.
Before heading out on the "walking" tour- they have everyone put on blue coverups over their shoes. I think this is more to protect their store so that after the tour you aren't bringing in anything (poo) from the walk. Either way, I have to say, Reagan is sporting those coverups like a champ. They swallowed her feet!
Mason wore his rain boots just for the tour. (I figured they would be easy to wash off if they got dirty) He wasn't super pumped about putting covers on his boots but he quickly got over it.

YEAH! Cheese!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Island Getaway

My mom went to Hawaii in March and brought back a Hula kit for Reagan- grass skirt, coconut shells and necklace. It looked super cute, but R wasn't walking yet, so I thought I would hold off opening it until she was and then I forgot about it. Until yesterday....

Presenting my island children.

Reagan didn't know what to think at first...

then she realized how stinkin' adorable she really was!

Mason was feeling the grass skirt from the beginning.
Then he asked for the coconuts....

Practicing his Hula in the house.

checking out his coconuts.

I know one day he may kill me for this picture- but I wouldn't have it any other way. These are the days to remember. Aloha!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rain Boot Day

Maybe it is from living in the Pacific Northwest for 5 years or maybe it's because I love shoes. But either way I can not help but love my little ones in rain boots. Today was BIG day for rain boots in our house- Mason got a new pair (that I bought on sale 4 months ago) and then today at Marshall's I found a pair in Reagan's size on SALE. It was a sign. I bought them. Judge for yourself- are these not the cutest feet you have ever seen?

Mason loves his rain boots and wears them ALL the time.

Do you see the cuteness that is giraffe print rain boots combined with Reagan?
(yes I know her dress and shoes don't match. She's 1. she'll get over it)

Learning to walk in rain boots.

Mason wanted his picture taken too :)

This is the best I could get of the two of them together. No there was not one that had their faces. They kept picking up the chairs and running around. like brother, like sister.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Simple Sunday

What I love about Sundays.

I can't think of a better way to spend my days.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Potty training boot camp

In my last post, I mentioned how we have been working with Mason on being a big boy. Well Sunday was a big day in our house. Mason said goodbye to diapers!!
But before I talk about that let me back track. Hello, my name is Mary and I am a procrastinator. There I said it. I owned it. I knew that Mason had to be potty trained to start school (umm on August 17th) and we have talked about doing it all summer. But something always come up... a trip to my parents, fifth's disease, birthday parties... you get the point, I was putting it off. We did try. On July 12th we began the morning in underwear and by 10:30 he was crying, begging for diapers and still had not done anything in the potty and I thought I can't do this, not today so we put back on a diaper. Well, I finally realized we had to really get started on this since you know school starts in less than a month. My plan was to start on Saturday- do the whole potty training in 3 days- no pullups just underwear, practice, practice, practice. This way I had two days with Steve to help before he went to work. Well last Friday, we got a letter in the mail that said the sweetest words, it said "we want our 3 year old class to be potty trained, but parents don't stress, it will happen." I took this as- "they don't have to be potty trained- you're alright in diapers." WOO HOO. On Saturday, we got up and ran errands all day, we didn't try- I mean you read the note, don't stress. Then on Saturday night, I got a call. A call that brought me back to reality. It was my dear sister, Mel, who asked how our potty training day went and I told her about the letter- knowing she would be excited too, until she said the most honest thing I needed to hear. She said, "you still have to try. it means it's okay if he has accidents but he still needs to be working on it." AND I am back to reality. So Sunday morning we got up, put on underwear and we haven't looked back.
Day 1- in his boxer briefs- I love them!

Showing off Wilson- his reward for trying all day. (this was his only reward for the week, but it got him sitting on the potty)

Mind you, Mason HAD NEVER gone on the potty. So last Sunday we pumped him full of liquid and waited to see what happened. He didn't want to sit on the potty so we offered a reward for the day. I said if you try to potty all day, it doesn't matter how many accidents you have, you just have to try then after dinner you can have Wilson (a clearance toy I had picked up a few weeks back that I was saving for a rainy day) We sat every 10 minutes on the toilet- it was a painful hour and a half, but once he went, he began to get it. Sunday was full of accidents- 9 pairs of underwear later we ended the day. Monday was better- 2 accidents. Tuesday-0. Wednesday-1. Thursday-1. Friday-0. We didn't leave the house until today and even then, I was a nervous wreck, but I realized at some point we would have to leave and if we had an accident in public I would deal with it.
The week was full of lots of tears-both Mason and mine. He has done great with #1, it is #2 we are struggling with. But everyday it is getting better and after a week, there is no turning back. We said bye to diapers and we are sticking with it.
today. showing off his underwear. and boots. Yes we are styling.
I love Mater on the bottom!
If you are working on potty training or about to start I would really recommend just going straight from diapers to underwear. It was hard, it was painful, but he got it. Yes we may still have a few accidents but there isn't any confusion. He is a big boy, he wears underwear.
No looking back.