Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Break

Mason had Fall Break the last few days so we took advantage of our free time to spend some time together! The bummer of having one child in private school and one in a preschool that follows the public school calendar is different breaks. I had planned on letting Reagan stay home on Friday but she really wanted to go to school so I let her. Mason and I spent the morning at a local gym with some friends from his class. It was great to spend some one on one time with Mase. It hasn't been just the two of us in a long time and although we had a blast we both missed our little fireball Reagan.
Saturday we headed to Chattanooga for a birthday party with sweet Cam. It was great getting to see my college roomie and I love watching our kiddos grow up together!

Sunday we decided to lay low and ended up heading to a movie in the afternoon. We saw "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2." It's such a funny movie and we enjoyed it just as much as the kids!

And on Monday, we headed to DOLLYWOOD! The kids and I went last spring with my sister but it was chilly and drizzly and we didn't stay long. The weather has been great lately and I wanted to do something big for Fall Break. It was an amazing day and the icing on the cake- Steve took off and came with us! It was a great day- Mason rode SO many rides- he has some of his mama in him after all!

I promise she was having fun just trying to get three people to smile at the same time- not really happening lately!
 She LOVED driving with daddy!
 Mason loved the shooting star- he kept laughing!
 The arrow is Mason and Steve. I was surprised he did this one, 
but he loved it and said it was his favorite ride.
 They were so high!
 Reagan was super excited about the dragon.
 Reagan kept saying "best day ever" and I have to agree. 
Seeing these three smiles- best.day.ever.
 And a great way to end fall break. Tomorrow we go back to school! (until Thursday when Reagan and I are off for "our" fall break.) Guess it isn't too bad to have different breaks!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


At the end of July we had family pictures made in Lynchburg, TN. I had been following Stacy Preston Photography on facebook for over a year and she posted a session special and I decided to was time to get some updated pics! I love photography and I love seeing how different photographers capture our families personality with their style. Her style is to take pictures at dawn/dusk to get some great rays of light shining through and I have to say I think she did a great job. She was easy to work with and did a great job with our kiddos- especially considering they were in rare form. Seriously when we left Steve said "there is no way those are going to turn out" and yet they did! These are just a "few" of my favorites!

 If you know Mason, you know Rabbit. I'm happy we incorporated him into pictures.

 It was important to me to get some one on one pictures of us with the kids and I love these!
 Seriously look at those smiles!
 I don't know why BUT I love this picture of Reagan- this is her.

 I love these two.
 I was happy to get some of Steve and I. These were long over due.

were did the time go?

So I know it has been ummm TWO months since I blogged. I can't believe that I went an entire month without one blog entry. What can I say? Life has been crazy! Everything is going great- it just seems time slips away so quickly. I started working in August at Reagan's preschool and for the first month I worked one day a week- I knew at some point I would go to three days a week, but it was nice to start off at one day so I could kinda adjust to our new schedule. I love working- it is going great and I am enjoying getting out of the house (I work on the days Reagan is in school). It just means I have to be on my game a lot more with meal planning, keeping up with the house and of course being chauffeur to my two favorite kiddos. I wouldn't change it for the world- I think I do better when I have more on my plate- it means I can't procrastinate as much- which I am known to do. But ohhh blog, sweet sweet blog. You've kinda been on the back burner and when I have thought about blogging- I've just been tired.

So here is our last six weeks from iphone photos.
Reagan loves the song "Cups" one day while singing it, she pulled out ALL the cups in the kid cabinet!
 Once a week Reagan has dance/gym class. She loves it and I adore watching her learn something she loves!
 We hit up a Lowe's Build and Grow Clinic to build the planes from "Planes"
 The girl who NEVER naps anymore has the habit of falling asleep in Kindergarten pick up line. 
It's a miracle.
 On Labor Day, we hit up Jump Jam (a trampoline house) with dad. The kids and I have been a ton but it was his first time to come and they had a blast together!
 You could jump into a pit of foam blocks and they all had to do it!
 Seriously- it's becoming a habit. Pick up line is awesome.
 And oh course, we've had to make a few stops at the ADPI house.
 I love that Mason is throwing diamonds,
 At Mason's school- you can come eat lunch with your child any day you want so Reagan and I met Mason one Friday to try out the cafeteria. It was a lot of fun!

I promise to do better at blogging. I even have two more posts ready to go. So don't give up on me- I think we are in a groove now!