Sunday, December 23, 2012

Oh Christmas tree, oh christmas tree

Sometimes I wonder what I did to get so lucky. Feeling very blessed this Christmas season.

 One of my favorite pictures this season!

 We can always find time to be silly.

 melting my heart.
 this is a typical mason and reagan...
 and their version of a hug.
 Can't wait for Christmas morning.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

SANTA, I know him!

Elf is one of my favorite Christmas movies and today- we went and saw the big guy! I know it's late (December 22) but our weekends were packed this month and even the weekdays seemed to slip away. But today, we headed up to Bass Pro to see Santa. I knew Mason would do great- he did last year, but Reagan, well she is another story. Last year we(she) screamed. A.LOT. So I wasn't sure how this year would be, and while there were no tears- she wouldn't leave Steve's arms, but she did talk to him to ask for a princess watch. Baby steps, right? I love Bass Pro because Santa's free and they have some fun things to do including a carousel, and crafts. It was a great family day together!

As soon as Santa said hi Reagan said "I want a princess watch" and then buried her head in Steve's shirt.
She did look at him, when Mason was giving his list.
My two favorite presents.

Mason rode a reindeer

Reagan was showing off the ornament she made, but note to self- she has outgrown that 2T shirt.
Mason strung all the beads himself.

Preschool Christmas program

Friday, December 14th around 9:30 a.m. Mason's preschool held their Christmas program. It was great- Reagan clapped and cheered on brother, and Mason happily sang along even remembering to hold up his prop (the Christmas tree) when he was supposed too. It was a wonderful morning and a great way for us to gear up for the holidays.

At that same exact time a town in Connecticut was forever changed. We all know the details, heard the stories, shed tears, and grieved in our own way. I hesitated posting about Mason's program because I felt guilty, while I was celebrating my children- other parent's were learning the fate of their very own. I don't understand how it happened. I don't know that I ever will. However, more than anything it reminded me how precious life is. I think about the mornings we are running late, the mornings I rush things along, or the days I get frustrated when it takes a reminder, or two, or three before Mason puts on his shoes. I am so thankful I have another day to stop, slow down, kiss my kiddos again and continue my journey to learn patience, remembering that they are only little for a short time and then it's gone, so enjoy it. Enjoy the moments-the ones that I typically try to rush along so I can mark something off my to do list. I won't get them back.  And while I still mourn for those families who are coping with their new normal, I am grateful for all the blessings in my life, most importantly the two that call me mom.

So without further ado. Mason's Preschool program. (Each class makes their shirt last year he was a snowman- this year a penguin.) This year they performed on the stage which was decorated for Santa, who made his appearance at the end of the program.

The 4's, Pre-K, and Kindergarten classes.
 Most of Mason's class walking in.
 Mason and his two best buds.
 I love these boys.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Best part of Christmas

One of my favorite Christmas books (actually I love it all year long!) is Nancy Tillman's The Spirit of Christmas. If you have never read it- go do it NOW. It is the best and reminds you of all the reasons to be thankful this season.

The last line of the book though- gets me every time and I had the privilege of capturing this moment twice with my favorite boy.

The best part of Christmas will always be, you beneath my Christmas tree. 

Mason 2008- 5 months old           Mason 2012- 4 1/2 year's old

christmas craft

I have to admit, as much as I love being crafty it's sometimes hard for me to do a craft with the kiddos- especially painting. It can get messy and well it's me. no excuses. After I made the kids santa hand ornaments, Mason kept asking if he could paint some too. So I took out the extra salt dough, cut out a few ornaments and baked them. What came after was pure magic.

Yes, they are wearing old t-shirts as aprons. 

They picked out their colors and went to town.

 It looks like Reagan is going to be a righty!

 Mason was very excited to show off his finished product.

 I made one too.

 After they dried, I used a white paint pen to add some gingerbready touches. Then sealed them, and now they hang proudly on the kids tree upstairs.I think we will be adding a new homemade ornament every year!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sheldon, the Elf

Our elf, Sheldon is back and I have to say I LOVE this time of year. The kids (especially Mason) becomes very aware of Sheldon watching so he is extra nice. I don't go crazy with elf scenarios but I have done a few that I thought were cute and easy.

Sheldon hung from an extra set of lights on the night he returned.

 He made us breakfast (powdered donuts), I cut a piece of fabric to look like an apron and added some sugar to his nose.
 Sheldon has played on Mason's toys a lot, so we thought a tea party was in order. I love that he is sitting in a Lowe's build and grow project, and Lighting was able to join the fun too.

 When we went to Disney in October, we got signatures on a photo mat. I framed them right away so they wouldn't get dirty, but I didn't order the pictures right away. It only took two months for me to order them so I thought Sheldon should be the one to deliver them. Mason and Reagan were pumped (I didn't even know they cared the frames were empty) Reagan stood in the chair for what seemed like forever, replaying the trip over, and over, and over again.
 They also thought it was really funny that Sheldon had Mickey Mouse ears on. Would be cute if you were planning a surprise trip to Disney (don't get ideas we aren't but maybe one year....)
I have to add- the kids school has an elf and last Friday the 4's, pre-k and kindergarten class named him. They voted and he is Sheldon. When Mason told me, I asked his teacher to be sure and she said yes. I laughed and told her that was our elf at home and she said Mason did suggest the name but they voted and it won. I asked him on the way home, why he wanted to name the elf the same at school as at home and he said (in true Mason form) "Mom that way I only have to remember one name for both elves." Ahhh. I love him.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

beginning to look a lot like christmas

This past weekend, we pulled out the "Christmas dog" and other decorations to transform the yard into our own little Christmas wonderland. It may not be much- but we are slowly adding every year and I love how excited the kiddos get about it every.night. It's like the first time they've seen it all over again.

I saw these on pinterest and thought they would make fun great-grandparent gifts. The kids loved watching the Santa's take form from the bakes salt dough. 

When they were finished- they wanted to make sure they still fit their hands. I think overall- a great fit!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Catch up

I feel like a lot has happened that I haven't blogged about so pardon this post, it's a bit of a catch all.

I haven't wanted to mention it for a while just to make sure it was completely gone, but we are 18 days without it so I know it's gone for good.
 Binky, you will be missed.
I didn't know if we were ready, but one night while I was out, Steve put Reagan to bed without it, and she fell asleep. I didn't think she would do it but she did. It was a Friday, so that weekend, we didn't nap (we usually don't on the weekends) to ensure she was extra tired and she kept falling asleep without it. Monday afternoon, the kids and I headed to my parents for thanksgiving and I thought this is great- she's over it. But Tuesday night she started asking for it, constantly. Luckily I didn't bring one. I knew if I did, I would give in. So Wednesday morning, I told her binky was gone, we forgot him at home, but we could get something to replace it. So we went and picked out a Pinkie Pie stuffed pony. And she clung to that thing for days, but every time she asked for binky I reminded her we had pinkie pie and by the time we got home, she quit asking.  I am truly happy we are done with binky- they quit making the one she liked and I was worried those things were getting old and probably a bit gross. But I also know this means we are one step closer to being a big girl and to me she is still my little girl.

this is one of our last pictures with binky. Bink went with us to Disney in October and they were inseparable. It was then I thought this isn't happening any time soon. But she'll surprise you when you least expect it. 

She will tell she is half big girl/half little girl since she is still in diapers. But i know the truth- she's growing up and I can't stop her so I'll just enjoy the ride.
Reagan lovin' on Pinkie Pie. She still carries her a lot but the death grip is gone. 
 (side story- on the day we went to get Pinkie Pie, Mason said he needed to get a toy too to replace dad since he wasn't with us and he missed him. It was a bit of a stretch but I have to give him props for creativity. Of course I had planned on letting him pick a little something out since he was being a trooper with Reagan but I had to laugh that he came up with such a great story!)

 This past month- Reagan has also started to LIKE me fixing her hair. I could do it before but it was a struggle. However, now she requests hairstyles and has even named them:
pony tail = Cinderella hair; 2 pig tails = strawberry short cake hair; 2 braids = Doc McStuffins hair. 
A mom has to do what a mom has to do. HA!

The tree is up! I love this age. Both Mason and Reagan are so intrigued by the magic that is Christmas.  Every morning they run to the tree and remind me how beautiful it is. It brings back so much magic for me as well. Thank you, you two for giving me such a wonderful gift.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

tea party

Having a boy first, I have enjoyed many days of racing cars, playing ninjas, building with Lego's and making inventions. And for the most part, Reagan has enjoyed all of these same things. But lately, she has started to enjoy more girlie activities. She loves her baby dolls, likes to play dress up and enjoys being the mama to all her buddies (stuffed animals). So I don't know why I was surprised today when she held her first tea party for all her friends. Granted Reagan and I have had a million tea parties- Mason included. But today, as I worked on my to do list around the house, she gathered her friends, set the table, and began to serve tea to dinosaur, Daisy and Minnie. Makes this party planning mama proud.

 Obviously Minnie was having trouble eating her cracker (which I did provide) so Reagan fed it to her.
 Reagan and all her guests at the tea party.

 Giving Daisy a little more tea

 I love that she set everyone in their chairs, and made sure they had tea cups and crackers.
 For me to get some of these pictures, I stood on the chair so I could shoot down on them. Well, when the party was over, Reagan pulled out her camera and said, "now let's get a picture." so she pulled out the chair and stood on it.
 After this picture she said, I got the shot!
 Sweet Reagan, I look forward to many more tea parties with you and your buddies.