Sunday, November 17, 2013

Halloween, Halloween trick or treat!

I know this is late- story of my life. But we had a great Halloween and I wanted to share. Mason and Reagan dressed as Batman and Robin this year. I know sibling costumes won't last too much longer so as long as they are interested I will try to make it work.  I think Reagan loved that her costume had an R on it- she was so excited to tell everyone she was Batman's sidekick. LOVE her.
I love all the events leading up to Halloween that let us get so many more wears out of our costume. We went to trunk or treat at our church, Farragut's Freaky Friday, and then Halloween night! Don't worry Monday after Halloween we got rid of the majority of our candy.
We let them each keep a few pieces and gave the rest away!
Our sweet neighbors!
 Mason's batman costume

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