Sunday, November 17, 2013


On November 5th we woke up to find Jack hadn't come home the night before. A few hours later he returned but something wasn't right- he could barely move. After a trip to the vet and an overnight stay- we learned that Jack had been hit by a car. Before we decided anything we brought the kids by to give Jack some love to help him feel better. I was glad they were able to see him while he still looked the same. All of his injuries were internal. His prognosis wasn't good and I could tell he was suffering so we decided to say goodbye.   It was the first time we have talked to the kids about death and while it was over Reagan's head- Mason got it. It was a sad night but we all shed some tears and tried to remember the good times with Jack.

 giving our kitty some sweet kisses.
 Jack liked to sleep under Reagan's bed and she took leaving him at the vet really hard- she kept saying how much she missed him and I think it broke the vet's heart just as much as mine!

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